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Continuous Quality

The Continuous Quality Improvement department is one of the vital departments in The Specialty Hospital, it oversees quality management and performance improvement issues in all areas and functions of the hospital. It aims to continually improve the quality of services and patient care processes and outcomes.

Mission of the Department

To provide continuous quality improvement through coordinating the quality issues overall the hospital controlling and monitoring departments performance, Improving the quality of services , sustaining the best results achieved, in order to improve the patient safety and customer satisfaction.

Vision of the Department

To be the first choice reference in hospitals both in and outside Jordan ,regarding qualtiy programs, and the most modern state of art technologies.

The Office of Quality Management is divided into several units with complementary functions. These are:

1. Policies and Procedures Unit

Assists departments and committees in developing their plans and required policies and procedures, to ensure systematic approach which decrease variation in performance.

2. Risk management Unit

Incident reporting, investigation and tracking systems were developed and implemented to ensure all risks are identified and prevented before occurring, and to ensure all causes behind incidents are identified using Failure Mode And Effects Analysis (FMEA), and using different Root Cause Analysis tools to help initiate the suitable and needed corrective actions.

3. Performance improvement Unit

To track performance improvement in various departments and units, PI indicators were defined for each department or service offered at specialty hospital . Data collection about these indicators occurs on a monthly basis. Analysis of the results also allows for improvements where deficiencies are identified.

Performance improvement projects are developed within various departments to monitor and improve quality and performance measures according to the methodology for improvement selected and used in Specialty Hospital (FOCUS PDCA):

  • To find an opportunity for improvement
  • Organize an ad-hoc team
  • Clarify the current situation
  • Understand the root causes and
  • Select the best practices

And to be sure that these solutions are effective, monitors are selected to measure the progress.

4. Committees Coordination Unit

Takes the minutes of the committee meetings, tracks each committee's activities and progress, and follows up on the committees' policies and performance development.

5. Quality assurance for nursing affaires:

Oversees all the quality issues related to nursing, monitors their performance with various performance indicators, and aids in establishing nursing policies and procedures.

6. Training Unit:

Is responsible for preparing continuous training plans on the quality concepts and quality tools, Safety issues, new or updated standards requirements, or for new prizes or accreditation systems in the hospital such as accreditation by HCAC, JCI accreditation, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 15189, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, King Abdullah Award for Excellence.


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