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The Department of Pathology & laboratory, Genetics  & immunology center is a large & modern-fast growing-medical accredited  laboratory that aims for high quality patient care through delivery of high standard laboratory services

The mission of the laboratory and pathology department is to provide excellent quality and cost effective clinical laboratory results within a reasonable turnaround time (TAT) to all of our patients and clients.

the laboratory has been accredited by ISO 15189 which is a special ISO for laboratories to ensure the highest standards of quality, technical competencies and reliable results & the department is also accredited by JCIA & HCAC.

Our quality control and standardization programs exceed higher level of testing, proficiency , standardization and auditors requirement.

We are continuously improving all processes and services that support patient care. We combine the efficiency of automation and learn principle to simplify and .
The Specialty Hospital laboratory is considered as referral laboratory working around the clock to serve other laboratories in and even outside Jordan.

Our laboratory performs a wide variety of Diagnostic tests in different specialized sections like:

Diagnostic Microbiology & Parasitology:
This section is run by highly qualified team which provides comprehensive, diagnostic, consultation and infection control services.
Also provides complete range of organisms identification,  susceptibility testing for bacteria and some other fungi using different automated equipments.
Microbiology services include bacteriology ,mycobacteriology ,mycology, environmental  microbiology ,clinical microscopy urinalysis & parasitology

Clinical chemistry and endocrinology:
The automated clinical chemistry is one of the largest sections in the laboratory providing all chemical tests    as well as hormones and tumor markers and the therapeutic drugs monitoring &drugs of abuse, all are done using modern computerized equipment and in record time.

Hematology :
This laboratory is divided into the following functions:
Routine hematology (automated & microscopy)
coagulation: routine coagulation & special coagulation
platelets function tests,& drugs resistance (plavix and aspirin)


flowcytometry which is useful for:

  • Identifying leukemia and lymphomas of mature B&T cells-identifying acute leukemia and distinguishing lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphomas from acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Useful in screening or confirming the diagnosis of some disease as PNH and others.

Immunodiagnostics Laboratory:

serology & immunology measures antibody response in various disease state. immunologic tests may be used as an aid in diagnosis, monitor therapy or determine immune /non- immune status, this lab is a state of art lab in all allergy diagnosis, cellular immunology and autoimmune diseases, we use state of art technologies in that lab to cope with patients and physicians satisfaction

Histopathology, cytopathology and immunohistochemistry department
The section offers many  good services in the diagnosis of most tissue and pathological samples to help physicians in diagnosis  to provide the best treatment for the patients. Also offer  Rapid frozen section procedures providing diagnosis within  less than , 20 minutes ,renal biopsy procedures ,immunohistochemistry
The section also offers diagnosis services for cytology ,pap smear screening & FINE  needle services
Molecular genetics center:
the section of molecular pathology & genetics is a multi-disciplinary facility that serves many sections in the department of pathology & laboratory
Molecular genetics is a new era  of science using the most advanced techniques which increase our knowledge of human disease. New techniques that allow the identification of the specific genes responsible for particular genetic disorders provide    history of the diseases Our services includes tissue typing, molecular oncology, gene sequencing, Real time PCR-  for a lot of infectious diseases & Single Cell PCR, STD analysis, Neurogenetics and genetics infertility testing. New Methods have been introduced as  (Microarray) & NGS that allow  the identification of the specific genes responsible for particular genetic disorders providing comprehensive approaches to identify Genetic diagnosis of human diseases.

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