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We strive to provide the highest level of care for our patients through providing high quality diagnostic devices which includes:

  • MRI 3.0 Tesla.
  • Multi Slices CT Scan (64 Slices).
  • Four X-Ray Machines:
  1. Digital Fluoro (Two Units(.
  2. Fully Digital X-ray.
  3. Routine X-ray Rooms.
  • Three U/S machines with colored Doppler & 4D used especially for pregnant ladies.
  • Two cath lab which is performing all kinds of angiogram.
  • PACS system: Keeps images and reports for at least 10 years, also the images are ready for reporting and viewing in the floors and hospital outpatients, immediately after imaging.

Our highly qualified staff consists of 6 radiologists, 16 technologists, 10 residents, and team of secretaries & administrative assistants.
Most of Our developed machines are imported from Holland, made by Philips company with a big team of Jordanian engineers, were maintenance is available on call. Ultrasound machines from GE are also available.

The Multi Slices CT Scan we have can image coronary arteries within few minutes through giving the contrast in the vein, doing the other arteries in a very accurate way within few minutes, we can do a whole body CT within seconds in case of trauma or screening for any abnormality.

Mission for BIU
To provide the highest quality services of screening and diagnostic mammogram for our patient's through highly qualified competent staff, using the most up-to-date technologies.
Vision for BIU
To be the unit of choice for patients that provide the best mammography services in the region with the highest privacy and convenience.

The MRI 3.0 Tesla machine can also do the arteries of brain & neck without giving any contrast and can image the Biliary tree & Gall Bladder (MRCP).
We also have the nuclear department which will do all kind of requested examination to help in diagnosing disease.

Soon the hospital will make an extension for the x-ray department and will bring new MRI (1.5 T), CT (512), digital mammogram, a new ultrasound machine, and a digital (O.P.G.) machine.

All will be made by (GE).

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