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Workshop about the latest technique for Non-Invasive Evaluation of Hepatic Steatosis


The Specialty Hospital held a workshop under the title “Non-Invasive Evaluation of Hepatic Steatosis” to introduce the latest technique to measure fatty deposits in the liver by using the Optima silent MRI.

This technique has a lot of benefits for the patient such as: the short duration of the examination which does not exceed 5-7 minutes, it is non-invasive there is no surgical intervention such in the case of liver biopsy that may lead to bleeding or other complications, the low price of this examination compared to other tests which doubles the cost of this examination, in addition to that this technique is very comfortable and suitable for all ages.     

When comparing this technique with other the currently available examinations, it diagnoses the patient case accurately in the early and treatable stages and can determine the percentage of fat in the liver with high accuracy and it can be done again whenever the doctor sees it is necessary and without having any side effects.
Introducing this technique comes at a time where the levels of obesity, its symptoms and complications have increased. This technique give the doctor and patient a chance for early and accurate diagnosis before reaching the stage of cirrhosis of the liver, which cannot be treated except by liver transplant which has a lots of complications and high cost and the difficulty of finding the donor.

Dr. Ibrahem Elmogy, MRI Clinical Leader for GE Healthcare in the Middle East spoke about this technique, he stressed on the importance of introducing doctors and patients to the benefits of this technique, and he thanked the Specialty Hospital for being the first hospital in Jordan to introduce this technique. And then Dr. Kamal Al Sha’alan The head of the radiology department at Specialty Hospital presented a number of cases that were performed and diagnosed at the hospital that were not possible before introducing this technique. 
The Specialty Hospital the first hospital to introduce this examination because it is the only hospital in Jordan that have the Optima Silent MRI which provide this latest technology for evaluation of hepatic steatosis.

This workshop was held in cooperation with Arab Medical & Scientific Alliance (AMSA) the main representative of GE Healthcare and  it was attended by  the specialized doctors including; gastroenterologists, internal medicine, surgeons, obesity and endocrinology, as well as radiologists to introduce them to this technique.

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