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The Specialty Hospital ranked from the top 10 hospitals in Medical Tourism Worldwide and ranked 3rd for the year 2018

For two consecutive years the Specialty Hospital was ranked from the top 10 hospitals in Medical Tourism Worldwide and it is ranked 3rd for the year 2018 from Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) and still the Specialty Hospital is the first hospital in Jordan accredited internationally to serve international patients.
The hospital received the Medical Tourism Certification for Hospitals from the MTQUA since 2016 as a result of implementing the international standards to serve and care of the medical tourists.

The Specialty Hospital ensures to continuously serve international patients with high quality medical services and gives each patient their rights which will be reflected on their satisfaction level. The hospital established international patient department to facilitate everything needed for the international patients. It connects the patients with the needed specialist prior to the patient's travel in which the specialist will give an initial diagnosis and the needed treatment plan with the length of stay.
This department assists the patients with visa issuing if needed, transportation, accommodation, flight reservation and a tour in Jordan upon the patients and the companions request. The staff at the international department follows up with the patient from his/her home country to the airport, admission, treatment and until the patient is discharged. And also follow up after they are back home.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, the CEO of the Specialty Hospital expressed his joy about this achievement saying: “We are proud to be from the top 10 hospitals and we look forward to increase the number of international patients in 2018 because of the government’s decision to facilitate the patient’s visa procedure” 
It’s important to note that few months ago the Specialty Hospital was recognized by The Joint Commission International (JCI) as a Center of Excellence for Cardiac Disease Specific Accreditation in Acute Myocardial Infarction and in Heart Failure to be the first hospital in Jordan to get these two certificates and the seventh in the world.
And the Specialty Hospital is considered as one of the most awarded and accredited hospitals internationally.

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