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The Specialty Hospital achieved the ISO 22000 certification

The Specialty Hospital mission is to provide the state of the art quality and safety systems, and to achieve that, the hospital leadership always response and adopt the latest quality and safety international standards, so they decided to move from the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system for food safety which was achieved in 2006 (as the first hospital in Jordan Achieving this certification) to ISO 22000 Certification which is more accurate and comprehensive in all aspects of food safety management including:

•    Identifying and managing hazards related to food preparation and managing process in all its phases starting from the moment of receiving the raw materials until introducing the food in order to ensure healthy, high quality, and safe food for our patients, patients' families, visitors, and employees.
•    Manpower competencies
•    Supplier's management and evaluation
•    Food places preparedness

The Specialty Hospital achieved the ISO 22000 certification from the certification body (SGS) in Sep/2018 as an acknowledgment for the safety and quality of the food products provided in the hospital to all stakeholders.
The Specialty Hospital leadership appreciated all employees' efforts, professionalism and team spirit for continuously improving the hospital services which lead the hospital to be one of the most accredited and awarded hospital in the region.

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