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Discharge Procedures

Dear patient:

  1. After your treating physician evaluates your medical status and you are approved for discharge, we would like to inform you that there are certain procedures that need to be done before discharge by the clerk so we kindly ask you to be cooperative and wait in your room until you are informed that your medical file is at the accounting department.
  2. Kindly pay your treatment fees at the accounting department, you will be given a receipt and a permission paper to leave.
  3. Please hand the permission paper to the clerk in your department so you can be discharged.
  4. Make sure you receive your medical report (upon your request)
  5. Make sure you take all your radiology and laboratory results if available.
  6. Make sure you receive the proper patient and family education and any instructions needed after discharge.
  7. Check your next appointment with the treating physician if needed.
  8. Make sure you receive general and specific instructions, take your prescribed medications and understand their administration, understand all the instructions and if you have any inquiries don’t hesitate to ask. Afterwards please sign the discharge instructions form.
  9. Make sure to receive your discharge summary signed by your treating physician, which will include your care plan after discharge.
  10. Stamp your discharge summary/ medical report from the admission counter.

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