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Room accommodations

Room’s Distribution
Your room and department will be determined upon your admission according to your medical diagnosis and the availability of beds and rooms. 

Room types available at the hospital:
Day case, 3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class, single suite, Royal suite, double suite, Critical Care Unit (CCU), and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The patient can chose the type of the room they like to stay in, if it wasn't available the hospital will try to provide it as soon as its available.
Your treating physician recommendation and your medical status will determine the type of your room at first place, unless there is no medical recommendation you have the right to decide and choose your room.

Your Bed
All hospital beds are operated electrically, when you arrive to your room the nurse will instruct you of how to use the bed properly were you can control all the functions of the bed electronically.
The hospital bed may be narrower than your bed at home and has side rails to help you modify your sleeping position and to prevent falling during your sleep at night or during the daytime, especially after surgery or if you are under the influence of certain medications.

Room Temperature
All the rooms are centrally air conditioned and if you wish to modify your room temperature please inform the nurses in your department.

Nursing Call
The nursing call is located at your bed side, when you press it, it will ring at the nursing station and a light above your room door will be indicated so that the nurse will respond to your call as soon as possible.

All rooms are equipped with TV screens broadcasting many TV channels. Please keep the volume low and turn the TV off when you sleep.  

All rooms have telephones except in the intensive care units, patients can receive phone calls in their rooms at any time.
You can make any internal call by entering the number directly, local calls can be made at any time in first class rooms and royal suites by dialing (9) then the number you want, and for second and third class rooms by dialing (0).  For external calls or mobile calls please call the operator by dialing (0) to conduct the call. All external and mobile calls fees will be added to your bill.

Leaving the room
For your safety please inform the nurses before leaving your room for any reason to check if your physician has approved your leave, and to assign one of the staff to help you and accompany you during your way out of the hospital. And please fill and sign the "Approval to leave Form".

 At Night
Please ask for nursing if you want to leave your bed during the night, the surrounding environment and the medications you are taking may affect your perception and mobility status, the nurse will respond immediately to the nursing call and come to your room to assist you as needed.

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