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The preparations for your hospital stay

Date of admission:
It is advised to arrange previously and chose the admission date and time, with the exception of the emergency cases.
Patients coming from outside Jordan may need few days before admission for diagnostic procedures that might not request for hospitalization (out-patient services) in this case it is advised to contact the public relations department to help them arrange a comfortable accommodation at a hotel or hotel apartments depending on their needs. 

Arrival Time:
You can contact the admission office one day prior to the date of admission, to confirm the date and the time. And to give you hospital directions if needed.

Examinations upon admission
If it is decided by your physician to have some laboratory tests or certain examinations on the day of admission or before the operation please come to the hospital before eight o'clock in the morning.

Insurance company approval
Many insurance companies require prior approval before admission to the hospital, especially in non-emergency cases, so please check with the insurance representatives at the hospital to get the approval of your insurance company and to be informed about the costs of any services your company doesn't cover.

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