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What is approved to bring with you

1. Clothing
The hospital provides you with special clothing aligned with the daily needs during your hospitalization, but you can bring your sleep wear if you like. Please note that the hospital doesn't provide laundry washing or ironing services.

2. Personal Belongings
The hospital provides you with everything you need from daily necessities such as soap, shampoo, tissues, shaving machine and you can bring your personal belongings if you wish. Some insurance companies doesn't cover this service and so this wouldn't apply to them.

3. Medical Personal Belongings
You can bring your glasses or dentures or your hearing aid and put them in an envelope or in a box inside one of the drawers next to the bed when you are not using them.

4. Medications and Medical documents
If you are taking any medications before your admission to the hospital, please bring them with you in their packaging because it's important to inform your treating physician about them. The attending nurse will take them from you and return them upon discharge.
Please bring all your medical reports, laboratory and radiology results specially those related to your current medical condition in addition to any other medical documents related to previous health condition.

5. Financial and Identification documents
You should bring your health insurance card, in addition to the approval of the insurance company, as well as your ID card or passport.

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