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What not to bring with you

Please do not bring any valuable belongings such as large amounts of cash, jewelry, expensive watches, mobile phones or laptop and if you're not able to send your valuables home the nurses will document these belongings and put them in a private lockbox until you are discharged from the hospital.
The hospital is not responsible for the loss of any of your valuable belongings that are left in your possession.                          

Blankets and beddings
The hospital provide all rooms with towels, blankets and other furniture required, so please do not bring them with you as it is prohibited by the hospital  for infection control issues.

Electrical Devices
For safety reasons, please do not bring any electrical devices with you, such as hair dryers, iron or heaters. Only battery operated devices are allowed. 

Smoke or Fumes:
The hospital has smoke detectors everywhere, which are connected to the fire alarm system, so please do not bring with you any devices that emit fumes in order to avoid the occurrence of fire or activation of the fire alarm system leading to inconvenience for the patients or visitors.
Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital.

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