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Information for surgical patients

Here is a quick overview about what to expect and what is expected from you when you're admitted to the hospital for surgical reasons.

Few Days before Surgery
Your treating physician may ask for some routine tests and examinations before the surgery so please come to the hospital ahead of time and bring the written request signed by your physician to carry them.

One Day before surgery
Please contact your treating physician and ask him/her about the admission time, and inform him/her if you suffer from cold symptoms or fever, or if you have your period (females).

Day of Surgery
Take a shower before coming to the hospital, remove all makeup, hair pins, nail polish, jewelry, or contact lenses. And if you have dentures you can remove them immediately before surgery.
It is advised to wear cotton baggy clothes.
On the day of surgery you should not eat or drink anything from the middle of the night prior to the surgery. This includes candy, gum and non prescribed medicines. But if you are taking any medications or treatment for heart diseases, blood pressure or chest diseases; please continue using them as prescribed. If you are taking diabetic medications you need to stop for 24 hours and inform your treating physician.
Note: Patients who will undergo cataract removal surgery do not need to fast.

After Surgery
You should not drive your car or travel alone using public transportation 24 hours after the surgery due to the effect of the anesthesia.
Your physician will gives you post-surgery instructions upon discharge and the nursing staff will gives you your prescribed medications after receiving an explanation of the method of administration by the Pharm D in your ward, and will be given a follow-up appointment with your treating physician after discharge.
Contact your treating physician or the hospital’s emergency department immediately if you face any complications after surgery.

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