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Laser Dermatology

Many changes occur to the human body by aging, including the emergence of excess hair, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, freckles, scars, and telangictasia. Advanced technology and medicine provides Laser as a solution to solve many of those complicated problems.

What is laser?
It's a beam (with a single wave), directed to a specific area which needs to be treated. The amount of laser used differs according to the area and to the degree of treatment needed. Usually, several sessions are needed to treat a problem

What do we treat in the skin cosmetic laser center (Cozmo Center)?

  • Excess hair.
  • White hair
  • Telangictasia in face and legs.
  • Vessels and birthmarks
  • Tattoo removal.
  • Skin pigmentation.
  • Aging.
  • Skin scars (accident, traumatic scar, burning scar).
  • Acne scar.
  • Red Scar
  • Wrinkles.
  • Facial clean up.
  • Green peeling.
  • Crystal peeling.

How the patient can start treatment?

Before the laser treatment, a specialist must diagnose the patient in order to determine the problem to be treated, the required number of sessions, and the appropriate type of laser.

What are the side effects?
The laser treatment proved – over years – to be safe if the treatment was done properly and when the patients follow exactly the treatment instructions according to his/her case.

Laser Hair Removal

For this purpose, we use the Alexandrite laser, wavelength (755nm) where the patient requires several sessions to get rid of excess hair.
The number of sessions depends on the body nature, and the existence of any defect in the body functions or hormonal disorders.
Excess hair growth may also be due to genetic factors. Usually, the number of sessions range between (3-10), with one to three months between sessions.

Tattoo removal and laser skin pigmentation (Q.switch laser)

Alexandrite laser is used for this purpose, wavelength (755nm). This laser work to break down the color of the skin. The treatment depends on the depth, color, age and type of the tattoo, whenever the tattoo is old and superficial, dark colors the process to remove it would be easier, and the number of sessions would be less.
The type of tattoos determines the length of the treatment period. Needle tattoo requires 2-5 sessions while professional tattoo requires 3-8 sessions.

Treatment of telangictasia and pigmentation

For this purpose we use ND: YAG laser, wavelength (nm1064). It's a laser that treats the telangictasia and (spider veins) in face and legs, this process often needs to be repeated two or three times, with a period of one month between sessions, patients need to rest, not to stand up for a long time and to wear long pressure socks.

 Fractional CO2 laser

For this treatment we use CO2 laser, wavelength (10600nm).  This action needs attention and care for the treated area; laser works to make a Partial peeling, but also deep to the skin, in order to stimulate collagen which is responsible for rebuild skin's vitality and Freshness.

This laser helps to treat several cases, such as:
The Implications of Acne Scars , Implications of scars and old wounds, the Implications of aging, wrinkles, unifying skin color, pigmentation treatment, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

Crystal peeling
It's a superficial and a smooth process includes striking the skin surface with aluminum oxide crystals that softly peels of the surface dead layer of the skin and thus stimulates the formation of new layers, as well as stimulating collagen formation in the dermis layer, which gives the skin a younger, stronger, more glamorous look.
This soft gentle process usually doesn't require Stay at home after performed, it cleans up the skin pores, and by being held regularly this peeling would delay skin aging.

Green peeling
The Green peeling is done using natural herbs, that's why this treatment is safe on the skin with no side effects. This material is very effective containing active material rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals that are absorbed easily.
After three days of the session, the outer layer of the skin starts peeling, After five days, a fresh and lively active Skin can be obtained

Facial clean up
It's a very simple procedure that includes cleaning the skin from black heads, dust, greasy articles, and dead skin beside improving its texture and enriching it with vitamins and proteins by simple nice and relaxing massage to refresh the blood cycle to neck, face, and eyes area.

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