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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy (RT) is considered as one of the most important branches of medical profession that has been improved considerably.

The Specialty Hospital has been adapting the development of this field by providing the RT department with the latest technology and machinery in addition to the highly qualified staff, RT department implements the best policies and procedures to reduce pain and guarantee the patient satisfaction.

Were the respiratory therapy department offers these services:

  • Care for patient using ventilators.
  • Chest physiotherapy (CPT).
  • Therapy using ultrasonic steam inhalation.
  • O2 therapy.
  • Pulmonary function test.
  • PH and blood gases analysis.
  • Members of CPR team.
  • Medical instructions and consultations.
  • Training and workshops in RT field.

RT department is equipped with the latest and most modern instruments including:

  • Fully automated ventilator puritan Bennett 840 which is well known of the PAV mode which helps the patient in weaning.
  • Three ABG machines are available for the NICU, ICCU, ,one for the RT department and operation department

The department provides portable ventilator for each ambulance car in addition to a number of mobile devices to be used inside and outside the hospital.
The department provides therapeutic services for more than 1000 patients per month inside and outside the hospital for 24 hours

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