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Urodynamic Study Center

 What Is the Urodynamic?
It is an examination that measures the work of the bladder and urethra, and how their performance in the storage and urine output where it helps to explain many of the symptoms:

1.    Incontinence
2.    Frequent urination
3.    Sudden sensation to urinate and inability to get the urine
4.    Frequent urinary tract infections
5.    Painful urination – voiding problems.
6.    Problems of urine start flow
7.    Difficulty on emptying the bladder

What is the purpose of examination?
The urodynamic examination aims to identify bugs and reasoned assessment of severity and determines appropriate treatment
There are 2 ways to examine the dynamics of urine:

1-    Test the quantity and speed of urine " uroflowmetry"  and the duration is in between of 5-10 minutes
2-    Measurement Cystometrogram with the duration of 60 minutes

How do we measure the dynamics of urine?
The dynamics of urine examination depends on the measurement of the pressure in the interior and exterior bladder muscle during the fullness and during unloading. The examination begins by inserting a thin catheter into the urinary bladder and another extra to the rectum. Then starts with the filling of the bladder gradually by the introduction of sterile liquid through the catheter, during the filling of the bladder, the internal pressure is being measured and recording graphs related to the pressure in the bladder and in the rectum. Moreover, the pressure on the muscle wall of the bladder is being automatically measured. During the examination, the patient should be express that he feels the initial urine inside the bladder, the need to empty the bladder, and difficulty in the emptying of the bladder etc… following the completion of examination, patient is requested to empty his bladder and monitor whether he has emptied the entire fluid that was initially filled at the beginning of the examination, and based on the results, patient is being prescribed the required medication for his case. 

Who conducts the test?
Examination is done by qualified staff of medical care and specialized nursing care that is trained by the latest means and laboratory appliances maintaining a high confidentiality.

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