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Wound and diabetic foot care center

The Wound Care Program provides treatment and patient education for patients presenting with chronic wounds in outpatient as well as inpatient settings. Chronic wounds are those not healing after 3 weeks of appropriate care. The team utilizes cost effective treatment modalities to manage all types of wounds.

Types of wounds seen by the Wound care center  include complicated burns not exceeding 10% (in adults) and 7% (in children) of body surface area, skin tears with delayed healing, pressure ulcers, vascular, and diabetic ulcers.

Chronic wounds treated in the Wound care center may include, but are not limited to:
Diabetic ulcers
The key factors in treating diabetic foot ulcers are:

  • Prevention and control of infection.
  • Taking pressure off of the area.
  • Removing dead skin and tissue.
  • Applying medication and dressings to the ulcer.
  • Managing other health problems.

Venous ulcers
The goals of treatment are:

  • Prevention of infection.
  • Control of drainage.
  • Maintaining a moist environment.
  • Providing compression to control swelling.
  • Promoting patient activity.
  • Controlling pain.

Pressure ulcers (bed sores)

  • Pressure relief over bony areas.
  • Removal of devitalized tissue.
  • Optimization of the wound bed.
  • Maintain a clean and moist wound environment to promote healing.
  • Avoidance of trauma, friction and shear force on skin.
  • Searching for underlying conditions that may cause ulcer development or impede wound healing.

Ulcers due to Arterial Insufficiency
There are several signs that indicate possible blockage of an artery. They include:

  • Lack of a pulse in the extremity.
  • Pain while resting.
  • Cool or cold skin.
  • Thin, dry, or shiny appearing skin.
  • Loss of foot or toe hair.
  • Purple coloration of the feet.

The wound healing process begins with an initial assessment by team of Doctors, along with highly trained nursing staff. Follow-up appointments will be requested as necessary. The care extends to all levels, cleaning to debridement, application of local treatments and sub-specialty referral as required. Patients have the complete plan of treatment explained to them to reinforce the goals of treatment. The frequency of follow up with the center depends on the complexity of the case.

the Specialty center is distinguished for providing follow-up for patients and the needed dressing procedures at the home to ensure patients safety and convenience   
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