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Environment and Workers Safety

The Specialty Hospital management made sure that it ensures the safety of the hospital environment and staff as part of its community responsibility, which obligates it to reduce the negative impact of its services on the environment. Thus, the Hospital management considered the application of related global standards. And the Hospital received the ISO 14001 Certificate, which ensures ongoing commitment towards the environment, health, public safety and resource conservation, and the OHSAS Certificate, which ensures the health and safety of staff.

These two certificates include the policy, plans and objectives through which methodologies are applied in line with local and international laws and regulations. Action plans and policies been developed by the hospital's management to achieve the goals of environmental and occupational health and safety, (which include water, air, energy, material resources and human resources), such as: a plan for water conservation, and a plan for energy conservation, and plan to use environmentally friendly materials that does not affect the ozone layer, and a plan for emergency situations, which include chemical and radiological spills, and a plan for public security and safety, and a fire plan, and a plan for disasters, and plan for the management of medical devices, and a utilities plan, and plan for chemicals, and a plan for medical and chemical waste, and a plan for the general work environment, and other potential emergency situations.

The hospital adopted a clear policy for separation of medical waste, and necessary changes were made to the infrastructure to suit these requirements. The hospital also identified all environmental and occupational hazards, and developed several measures to prevent or mitigate their impact, and also trained all personnel on these measures and on how to avoid environmental and occupational hazards.

The Hospital management studies and analyzes all of its services, on-going and new activities, where the negative and positive sides of these services are compared and decisions to tackle them are made. The Hospital management ensures through this methodology the effective application of its vision and mission, as well as ensuring the maintenance of a safe environment for its staff and patients and all clients, and the application of its accreditation as an environment friendly hospital.

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