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Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

To be the hospital of choice for patients, doctors and staff, and to be recognized as one of the leading healthcare provider in the world.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, comprehensive, safe  healthcare services by highly qualified professionals and through the latest technology to exceed the stakeholders' expectations, taking into consideration the social responsibility and the code of ethics.

The Specialty Hospital Mission for International Patients

To provide medical travelers with the highest quality of comprehensive, safe and efficient healthcare services by highly qualified staff, latest technology and implementing international standards at competitive prices to delight and exceed the stakeholder's expectation and to be a key player in the global healthcare industry.

Our Core Values

1.    Loyalty
2.    Commitment to laws and regulations
3.    Commitment to patient and family rights, and ethical and cultural values of our community
4.    Excellence
5.    Compassion
6.    Teamwork
7.    Innovation
8.    Safety
9.    Commitment to Social Responsibility
10.  Promote professional and ethical behavior among our stakeholders within our sphere of influence

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