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Dear patient, when you come to the emergency, go directly to the triage room to start your treatment.

Emergency department is considered a vital and a very important department because of its life saving services. This department is managed by highly qualified physicians and nurses to deal with different cases 24 hours around clock.

E.R services include:

  • Triage room.
  • Cardiac room.
  • Minor surgery room.
  • Orthopedic room.
  • Medical observation room.
  • Pediatric E.R room.
  • Gynecology E.R room.
  • ENT room.
  • E.R pharmacy.

E.R is directly connected to radiology department and laboratory department, to facilitate fast and urgent imaging and lab tests for E.R patients.

One of the most important services provided by E.R department is the ambulance services.

Our ambulances are fully equipped and highly specialized cars, available 24 hours for emergency situations, such as transporting critically ill patients, car accidents evacuations and disasters’ situations.

Patients who need admission to the hospital will be admitted in coordination with the admission office, which is in the same floor of E.R.

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