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Muslim Excellence Competitiveness Corporation Award abbreviated as MECC Award is an award granted on the basis of the contents of this manual and its instructions, it was first initiated in 2007 We were nominated for the Award because of the successful efforts we have made to implement excellence and good practice

Goals :

  • To perform a leading role in enhancing the efficiency of Islamic countries organizations.
  • To take advantage of the Muslim world potentials to develop and advance excellence culture.
  • To improve Muslim-country organizations' competitiveness in international trading and to increase their compatibility with global markets.
  • To improve quality and productivity levels and to achieve sustainable economic progress. The Specialty Hospital was the first hospital that participated and obtained the award in the region which gave the hospital an added value and a great effect on its services

The Specialty Hospital it is the first hospital in Jordan and the seventh in the World to be recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as a center of excellence for cardiac disease specific accreditation in Acute Myocardial Infarction and Heart Failure, as a result of implementing the best updated evidence –based practice, and the highest international standards in treating cardiac patients in all phases of patient care (from admission until monitoring the patient after discharge), to improve the patient safety, and to sustain the hospital’s reputation and its competitive edge nationally and internationally.

In 2020 we renewed the two reaccreditations as a Cardiac Care Center Of Excellence in Acute Myocardial Infraction and Heart Failure, and due to COVID-19 pandemic,  the survey was done using an advanced technology virtually, and the Specialty Hospital is the first hospital in Jordan to go through the JCI virtual survey.


The Specialty Hospital achieved a new record that was added to the road of excellence. Another award confirmed the excel in our journey. The Specialty Hospital was awarded as an Arabia500 Finalist at the "Global Entrepreneurship Summit" that was held Dubai. The hospital was classified from the top 500 companies in the region in the growth rate in the past 3 years which is a direct reflection of the hospital's continuous success and our stakeholders' satisfaction.

ISO 15189 is quality management system for medical laboratories to control the processes that lead to accurate laboratory results,      In March 2008 The Laboratory of Specialty Hospital has been accredited for ISO 15189 as the first accredited Hospital Lab in Jordan & reaccredited in 2013 and 2018.


Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation can help international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others to evaluate, improve and demonstrate the quality of patient care in their nations. JCI’s accreditation decisions are made by an international committee of health care experts We Seek JCI accreditation to create a culture of safety and quality within our organization , to continually improve patient care processes and results, to improve public trust that the organization is concerned for patient safety and quality of care and increase competitiveness between hospitals In 2008 we were accredited by the JCI with the best results, which has a great effect on performance improvement , profits and competitiveness both in the national and international levels We were re accredited by the JCI in 2011, 2014, & 2017,2020 and in 2023, our accreditation was renewed for the sixth cycle in a row, with distinguished survey results.


The Specialty Hospital has Participated in the award for two successive cycles , and has been certified in 2011 , as a distinguished hospital in such field, We gained this award as we have great efforts in implementing occupational safety and health strategies in workplace in an effort to reduce as much as possible work injuries and occupational diseases, and secure safety of workers and society

Prince Faisal award is for organizations that provides special care for community and environmental services, and those achieve Important national achievement The Specialty Hospital achieved this award for 3 consecutive years as a recognition of its efforts in community services and unique national achievements

ISO 14001 is certification system for measuring organization efficiency in managing the organization environmental safety.

The Specialty Hospital's certification by ISO 14001 in 2008 is a proof for our commitment to protect the internal and external hospitals environment, and to keep it's unique position as environment –friendly hospital.

The Specialty Hospital has been re-certified for ISO 14001 in 2012, 2015, 2018 , 2020 and 2021 as a proof of its continuous quality journey.

Continuing the path of excellence & improving the quality & safety of services that the hospital adopted for 28 years, the Specialty Hospital participates annually in implementing the National Quality & Safety Goals (NQSG) and has obtained its certificate for the eighth time in a raw by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC).   

The Specialty Hospital received the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR) for the large category.

The hospital was awarded during the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Forum and Award ceremony 2012 in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation. This prize has been awarded to the best performing organizations within several categories, namely: Public Sector Category, large, medium and small categories, best new business and corporate-NGO collaboration,Were 58 organizations from 11 different countries of the Middle East and North Africa participated in this award, all submitted files have been evaluated by 4 international experts specialized in the field of sustainability and social responsibility.

It is worth mentioning that this event was held by the Charter of the United Nations, which is considered as the largest voluntary initiative for companies citizenship which seeks to promote the concept of partnership and community service and it motivates companies in order to play their part in community service. A large number of experts and international leaders in the field of CSR, in addition to a number of government officials and business executives have participated in the event. The title of this year's Conference was: "Embracing Sustainability in Times of Instability”. The Specialty Hospital received the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (CSR) for the large category due to implementing the award’s criteria in it's various aspects: leadership commitment to social responsibility, strategic directions and policies, involvement of all stakeholders, results measurements and internal reports, external reports, environmental performance, social performance, and community involvement.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, CEO of the Specialty Hospital, noted that the interest in social responsibility is a key element to empower companies and institutions to build a sustainable economic model that achieves a viable return economically and environmentally on the long term. Dr. Al-Hammouri also emphasized that the social responsibility is a duty on all managements, not just an act of charity. Also, all national institutions should combine the efforts for the adoption of national initiatives in various aspects of social work were all the national companies efforts should be combined to adopt national initiatives in various areas of social work Dr. Al-Hammouri talked about the significant role Jordan played through its various public and private sectors, specially the health sector, in the service of our Arab brothers, to reduce their suffering caused by the Arab revolutions and the crises afflicting the region.

He also mentioned the Jordanian hospitals’ experience in receiving tens of thousands of patients, both Libyans and Syrians. He called for the participation of the international organizations and the neighboring Arab countries, as both governmental and voluntary organizations and private companies in supporting Jordan’s efforts in receiving Syrian refugees whose numbers have increased dramatically.

King Abdullah II Award for excellence aims to create qualitative transformation and to develop the performance of government and institutions in serving Jordanian citizens and investors, as well as to enhance positive competitiveness among government departments and institutions nationally and internationally, through promoting awareness of the concepts of distinguished performance, innovation and quality, and entrenching the culture of excellence.

The standards of the award emphasize on implementing best practices in:-

  • Leadership
  • Strategic directions
  • Recourses management
  • Operations
  • Results.

As a result of implementing those standards, the Specialty Hospital Obtained the King Abdullah Award for Excellence for the first time in April 2007 for the 4th cycle 2006/2007, as the first hospital in Jordan. Also we participated in the 5th cycle 2007/2008, and obtained the award for the second and for two successive cycles time, as the one and only hospital in Jordan

Best hospital in patient care The award of best hospital in patient care granted to best hospital in implementing high quality and safety services through respecting patient right and responsibilities, the code of ethics and exceeding the patients/ families satisfaction, the criteria for selecting the winner of this award depends on voting, the hospital who had achieved the highest voices will be announced as the winner through Arabic hospital federation annual meeting which coincides with the meeting of the Arab Health Ministers Council.

The Specialty Hospital has achieved an international Medical Tourism Accreditation from the MTQUA; it is the first and only hospital in Jordan to achieve this accreditation, we proud to be from the top 10 hospitals in medical tourism worldwide. This accreditation is given to hospitals that provide medical care and high quality services for international patients after reviewing the work flow and insuring the implementation of international standards with regards to medical tourism The Specialty Hospital was awarded this accreditation to become one of the best hospitals in the world for medical tourism after fulfilling 10 main section in the international patients service, most importantly the existence of the policy and having a department specialized in following international patients, providing secure services while preserving the confidentiality of patient’s information, follow-up with patient after returning to his country, as well as transparency and honesty in dealing with the patient as well as the quality of services provided.

The Specialty Hospital got this accreditation to insure its excellence in hospitality services, medical care and to earn customers' confidence in the quality of these services and to raise the international patient’s satisfactions. The Specialty Hospital has a special department for international patients that provide easier ways of communication, this department was establishing due to the increased demand of foreign patients. The main objective is to facilitate non- Jordanian patients’ treatment. The international department connects the patients with the needed consultant prior to the patient’s travel in which the consultant will give an initial diagnosis and the needed treatment plan with length of stay.

This department assists the patients with visa issuing if needed, transportation, accommodation, flight reservation, tour in Jordan upon the patient and their companions’ request. The international department staff follows up with the patients from his/her home country to the airport, admission, treatment, discharge and also follow up after they are back home.

Accreditation is a process in which an organization outside the health care institution, usually non-governmental, assesses the institution to determine if it meets a set of standards designed to improve quality of care. The HCAC assists health care facilities to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of a healthcare organization, meet and maintain quality standards by enabling health care professionals to measure themselves against these standards and monitor improvements using our quality improvement methods, also it helps to improve public trust that the organization is concerned for patient safety and quality of care, and increase competitiveness between hospitals . The accreditation standards includes all the dimensions of quality in the healthcare facilities. We started the implementation of the standards starting 2006 since the beginning of the project as one of leading hospitals chose by the HCAC. The specialty Hospital was the first hospital between 25 hospitals in Jordan to be accredited by the HCAC in 2008, gaining many benefits in improving performance, increasing profits and increasing competitiveness. We were, re- accredited in 2010, 2013 , 2016 & 2019, And in 2022 for the sixth time in a row, with distinguished auditing results in medical, technical and administrative levels. In addition, providing a safe working environment allowed the hospital to renew the certificate for a period of three years instead of two years.

ISO 9001certificate is the "quality management standards" that ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchange ability - and at an economical cost. In 2000 the Specialty Hospital became certified by the ISO 9001.

And in 2003 we applied the modified standards ISO 9001:2000 and were recertified, also we have applied the updated standards in 2006 to increase the hospital's competitiveness and helps provide and develop comprehensive manual of documents and guiding procedures manual that helps improve the performance, Furthermore, we applied ISO 9001:2008 and were recertified in 2010 & 2013.

And in 2016 we were the first hospital in Jordan to apply ISO9001:2015 and it was renewed in 2019, and in 2022.


ISO 18001 (OHSAS) is certification system for occupational health and safety; it is attained by the organizations that apply occupational health and safety standards in the work place.

The specialty hospital is one of the first organizations that attained this certification in 2008 for the continuous hard efforts performed by Specialty Hospital to guarantee safe work place for its employees. Specialty hospital has been recertified for OHSAS 18001 in 2012, 2015 and 2018 as a proof for its continuous journey for quality.

Hazardous analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is one of the most important systems that has to be applied to guarantee food products safety, since it is a systemic preventive approach to food safety that approach and eliminates hazardous factors in for preparation process. We in Specialty Hospital.believe in providing safe patient care in all aspects of care process, and so we worked hard to achieve HACCP standards and we were recognized for maintaining a safe food products preparation process for our patients. The certificate is renewed every three years, we have been recertified in 2010,2013 and 2016.

In 2018 the Specialty Hospital decided to apply for ISO 22000 Certification which is more accurate and comprehensive in all aspects of food safety management.

Based on the Specialty Hospital commitment to Social Responsibility, it became the first hospital as a member of the Green Building Council. This council works on increasing awareness to push forward the adaptation of green concept behaviour in all stages of design, construction and maintenance of buildings to comply with the green building code in Jordan. This is done through taking into consideration the following environmental goals:

  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management (reduces, reuse recycle, and treatment)
  • Renewable Energy

This initiative comes part of the hospital preparation to become a certified green hospital since all the requirements have been met, as the Specialty Hospital will be the first in Jordan to implement it.

The Specialty Hospital receives a letter of Recognition for implementing ISO 26000 Deservedly the Specialty Hospital received a letter of recognition from the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology and from the International Organization for Standardization for implementing ISO26000 standards.

The hospital believes in the importance of social responsibility and takes it into consideration in all aspects of work at the hospital to achieve sustainable development. It has adopted ISO26000 standards and has developed an action plan that consists of all core issues of social responsibility with includes:

  1. Organizational governance
  2. Human Rights
  3. Labor Practices
  4. The environment
  5. Fair operating Practices
  6. Consumer Issues
  7. Community involvement and development


We pledge to all our stakeholders that we will continuously search for what's new that leads to improving the quality of services and ensures patient safety and the safety of the environment and we will implement it.

This accreditation is granted to the Breast Imaging Units (BIUs) which adopt the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) standards for BIUs which include 94 standards under 4 clusters:

(Professional Performance, Clinical Performance, Quality Management, Medical records and Information Management) Continuing the path of excellence & improving the quality & safety of services in the Specialty Hospital, our hospital has achieved this accreditation since 2014 and reaccredited in 2016, and 2019.


HRH Princess BasmaBint Ali honored the Specialty Hospital for winning the award of being the best organization in implementing the recycling program for the year 2014 during the event held by Jordan Environment Society on the occasion of the World Recycling Day. The administrative director of the Specialty Hospital received the certificate of appreciation and a shield of honor for the Specialty Hospital from HRH Princess Basma in the presence of SharifaNofaBint Nasser and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Masalha the president of Jordan Environment Society in addition to a large number of attendees.

Noting that the Specialty Hospital is anactive member in Jordan Environment Society andalways aim to promote environmental awareness and voluntary work in all possible ways and means. Through cooperation with Jordan Environment Society the Specialty Hospital contributed in its activities which included: recycling of regular waste especially paper, plastic, batteries, and that’s for the hospital's commitment to save the environment and its resources which is aligned to the overall national strategy for the environment, which has led the hospital to win this award.


In 2018, the hospital administration was keen to implement the modifications that occurred in the HACCP food quality and safety system and move to the ISO 22000 certification. ISO 22000 sets out the requirements for food safety management system. It maps out what needs to be done to demonstrate the ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe, which includes: identifying and managing risks related to the process of managing and preparing food in all its phases from the moment of receiving the row products until serving it and afterwards.  Which ensures serving high quality healthy food to guarantee the health of patients and their families, visitors and employees, and also focuses more broadly on the training and efficiency of the staff, managing and evaluating suppliers, and implementing the highest standards in all the stages of the food preparation process in the hospital, and it was renewed in 2021

Receiving this certificate is considered as a recognition of the safety and quality of the food provided at the Specialty Hospital.


The Specialty Hospital is the first private hospital in Jordan to receive Baby-friendly Hospital Accreditation from the Health Care Accreditation Council HCAC and the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF. The standards of this accreditation encourages breastfeeding and increasing awareness to mothers about its importance because of the many benefits for the mother and baby, and it is centered on strengthening the relationship between the mother and her baby by ensuring that the newborn remains with his mother throughout their stay in the hospital and exclusively feeding breast milk and the hospital is obliged not to market any milk substitutes unless for medical cases. It is worth noting that the Specialty Hospital is the first private hospital that provides a dedicated breastfeeding room for the hospital's visitors to encourage them to breastfeed by having a private, safe and clean place that provides privacy and complete comfort for the mother and her baby.




Specialty hospital leaders always keen to implement the latest standards for health & safety for all stakeholders, so they have taken the decision to upgrade the   level of standards from OHSAS18001 to implement ISO 45001, which required focusing on important factors in the hospital such as understanding health, occupational safety & risk  challenges in the hospital. Moreover, analyzing internal & external environment to identify the risk that could impact the hospital stakeholders. And they involved and engaged them in risk identification & setting strategies to mitigate or reduce these risks, which enable the hospital to achieve ISO 45001 Certificate from SGS Company. Surveyors were praised the efforts that been made to implement ISO 45001 Certificate. Specialty Hospital Manager was thanking all employees for their continuous efforts, high professionalism and team work spirit to improve, ensure the safety & quality of Specialty Hospital services.  


The Specialty Hospital is the only hospital to achieve the “Elite Plus Hospital Award” within the gold initiative that was launched by the Arab Hospitals Federation, and among 53 health institutions from 10 Arab countries that applied for this award.

The hospital achieved this award as a result of its preventive and distinctive efforts to fight COVID-19, it is the first hospital to provide sterilization gates at all hospital entrances, and provide the safest testing environment for COVID-19 with high accuracy by using PCR testing through Drive Thru Testing Station, and have assigned a specific department to treat COVID-19  patients. In addition, the Specialty Hospital is the first and the only hospital to introduce the first disinfection robot in Jordan UVD- Robot 360; it kills up to 99.99% of viruses and germs “including the Corona virus” within 10 minutes only.


The Specialty Hospital is the only hospital in Jordan that received the Elite Hospital Certificate by the second round of the Gold Initiative by the Arab Hospitals Federation, and among 58 health institutions from 8 countries that applied for this award, 10 of them won in different categories.

The Specialty Hospital obtained the highest category as a result of implementing the eight segments of this award; leadership, good governance, providing vaccines and administrating it to the society noting that The Specialty Hospital is one of the first private hospitals to establish a COVID-19 Vaccination Center in cooperation with the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, in addition to building a sustainable system for the post-COVID and community awareness to overcome this crisis, infection control, training and continuing education hours, support and PPEs for the staff and adapting innovative technology.



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