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health care team

Providing Care
The decision of your treating physician for your hospitalization depends on your medical status, and the need of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the hospital, where the hospital provides all the advanced technology and qualified medical/nursing staff, which ensures that you will get excellent medical care.

Medical Care Team
The best medical service will be provided through the integrated team work of the qualified professionals and all healthcare providers involved in your treatment. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your treatment plan to your treating physician or the in-charge nurse of your department which are available 24 hours a day.

Treating Physicians
The treating physicians are responsible of direct supervision on you and on your health. They are authorized to request tests and examinations that you may need during your hospitalization, in addition to directing the other healthcare providers in implementing your treatment plan. The treating physician may request for an assistant physician or may consult other specialists to have a look at your medical status.

Nursing Staff
The head nurses of the departments are responsible for supervising all the nursing services around the clock, in addition to the coordinating between all the healthcare providers to ensure all your needs are met.

Social Worker
The social worker of the hospital will help patients and their families to cope with their psychological challenges associated with their disease and help them overcome the difficulties that may arise as a result of the disease and its effects on changing the patient’s lifestyle or personal needs, in addition to their participation in the development of discharge plan to ensure continuity of care after discharge

Patient Affaires Coordinators
The patient affaires coordinators will assist you during your hospitalization and help you overcome any difficulties you may experience.  They will take into consideration any remarks you have regarding the services provided to you.

The hospital provides the nutritionists to meet your nutritional needs during your hospital stay. If you have any questions about your meals or diet, call one of the nutrition specialists or a nurse in your department.

Diabetic Care Nurse
As part of the educational and awareness commitment the hospital provides a specialized nurse in the education and awareness for diabetic patients.

Diagnostic Services
The hospital provides full range of diagnostic services including laboratory, radiology and nuclear medicine. 

Pharmacy Consultation
Our hospital’s pharm Ds provide medication consultation regarding your prescribed medications from 8 am till 3 pm at the following numbers: 633-849-7468

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