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Car Parking

The Specialty Hospital offers valet parking service to its patients and visitors, within the yard of the main hospital building area to facilitate and achieve the purpose of their visit to the hospital.

And to enhance this service and to ease the pressure on parking in the courtyard, the hospital management has financed and completed the project of an electronic parking project (Smart Park) along the outpatient building.

These parks provide the space for more than 120vehicles with a fully automated modern and highly sophisticated system that is also a user friendly one, yet this system did not eliminate the presence of staff from the Security Department of the hospital to provide the Valet service in the main courtyard when needed.

This service is dedicated to the patients, or reviewers and or visitors to the hospital's patients. Moreover, there is also a temporary parking areas in the courtyard of the emergency department to receive the ambulances and vehicles transporting emergency medical cases, for which, those vehicles is to evacuate those parking areas once they deliver the emergency case they to maintain those areas available and ready for any other similar cases.

Due to the limited capacity of parking in the courtyard of an emergency, it is always kindly requested not to park the vehicles for a long time in these temporary parks to avoid disrupting and obstructing ambulances and cars of patients arriving or departing the emergency department.

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