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 At the Specialty Hospital you find the latest endoscopy machines which enable the endoscopy team to diagnose all diseases related to the gastrointestinal system in adults and children.

In general endoscopy is considered a simple procedure and has few complications. Through endoscopy we will not only diagnose the patients complain but also we can treat a lot of problems such as: gastrointestinal bleeding, removing of polyps, removing of gallbladder stones, applying stents, dilating or stinting  of esophagus, and taking tumor biopsies and detecting cancerous tumors.

The following procedures are performed by the endoscopy department unit:

  • Gastric and duodenum endoscopy.
  • Colonoscopy.
  • ERCP (endoscopy).
  • Bronchoscopy.

Endoscopy for small intestine can also be done through a small capsule that contains wireless camera given through the mouth to videotape all gastrointestinal system from mouth to rectum.

Diagnosis special bacterial test (H.bilory) is also done through patient breathing without inserting endoscope by giving the patient a capsule through mouth then the patient will breathe through special slide to detect the presence of H.bilory in stomach.

The endoscopy unit contains the latest sterilization machine for the endoscope and the tools used and the CSSD at the Specialty Hospital supervises the sterilization process and performs the periodic machines maintenance through taking samples of the machines and inspecting them at the laboratory.

What you need for such a procedure:

  1. Visit your treating physician to take the required procedure.
  2. You may contact The Specialty Hospital on +962 (6) 5001111 ext 368 to book an appointment.
  3. On the day of the appointment you should come fasting from the night before.
  4. Take the laxatives as directed by your physician.
  5. For your safety please follow the post sedation discharge instructions after the procedure.

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