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The Hemodialysis unit at The Specialty Hospital was inaugurated with great honor under the patronage of Her Royal Majesty Queen Rania Alabdullah, as a unique and distinguished center in Jordan and the Middle East in regard to the preparations and equipment available in the center. This unit has obtained several certificates of appreciation from both internal and external institutions.

The center has state-of-the-art facilities with 24 advanced Hemodialysis machines from Fresenius global company (B4008 &S4008) series, with delivery system for acid solution and uses of bicarb (powder or solution). In addition to 4 devices at the intensive care unit for cases that cannot afford to leave the ICY. Moreover, there are special devices and consumables that is specific for dealing with minors under the age of 12 with the availability of infants kidney casesconsultants who follow up their cases at the unit.

Our unit has two portable dialysis machines for critically ill patients staying in I.C.U and C.C.U.

The unit operates In accordance with a high quality standards policy using infection prevention and control equipment, and special equipmentand isolation room for hepatitis B &C positive patients and operated by physicians and consultants that are professional and highly trained post graduated from The United States and UKdealing with patients of all ages, with special consultants, machines, and equipments for pediatrics less than 12 years of age.

Recently a new highly quality machine (Cobe Spectra for Plasma Electrophoresis), have been entered into the unit, and operated under the supervision of neurologists and hematologists, for separation of single donor and stem cell separation for bone marrow transplant.

We welcome everyone in the kingdom or visitors to provide the medical care required for all patients Arabs and foreigners from all over the world. we kindly request all patients to provide us with your latest HC.V, H.I.V, and HBSAg results when visiting the unit.

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