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Nutrition & Slimming Clinic

Nutrition and slimming clinic in specialty hospital is supervised by specialized, well trained, experienced dieticians that provide nutrition counseling to help treat and prevent disease through dietary changes.
Nutrition counseling sessions are individualized to meet your needs and optimize your health and well-being. The clinic also offers weight management programs for patients interested in weight loss.

The clinic is equipped with machines for lipostimulation, lipolysis, and fat drainage BY Trio I shape ( Ultrasound, Radiofrequency & Vacuum Techniques) and LPG  in addition to in body measurements machine that measures extracellular fat and other body composition BY (BCA machine).

This treatment is usually combined with diet and exercise to reach the desired goal.

It's great that you have decided to make some changes to your food habits and life style in order to improve your decision but you have to be patient, committed and convinced to make these changes.

The expected result:

  • Burn off fat.
  • Reduce water retention.
  • Feel better overall.
  • Help loose weight.

Simply, we offer beauty, confidence and attractiveness that could be obtained ideal weight and appearance for both men and women.
Also we started to organize the biggest looser competition, to encourage people to loose their extra weight and we achieved great results the last two years

Finally we started the weight management training course for newly graduated nutrition student in cooperation with specialty training center.

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