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Vision Correction Center

Our vision correction center is a well equipped center inaugurated in 2001 under the patronage of crown prince Ra'ed Bin Zaid, with the latest machines prince Ra'ed Bin Zaid, with the latest machines such as EXCIMER machine to treat the Myopia with or without astigmatism, ESARIAS machine from SCHWIND company which is able to make corneal topography and detect any changes, then give signals to the correction machine in order to know the phoria degree. Myopia also can be treated using this machine.

In 2002, corneal wave front technology was used to fix the cornea (O.R.K Optimized Refractive Keratectomy). And in 2005 the hospital has acquired a new laser machine using Total Wave Front technology.

The newest technology of German laser machines were purchased in 2009 which give very accurate and safe results for the patient with the Online Pachymetry Machine, which guide the doctor during treatment about the corneal thickness.

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